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Brokerage fees
Benefit of using a broker.
Terms and Condition of the rental properties
Anti-earthquake Measures.
Reviewing Lease Agreements before signing


Q. What is a typical brokerage fee when hiring a real estate agent? Will a brokerage fee incur even if the deal does not close?
A. Brokerage fee for leasing properties is one month rent + consumption tax. Brokerage fee will not incur in case the deal does not close.

Benefit of using a broker

Q. I am looking for a vacant space. What is the advantage of using a real estate broker?
A. Following is the advantage of using a broker.
(1) All you have to do is let us know what you are looking for and we will find you the right space! We will arrange the site tour too! It is as simple as that!
(2) We will negotiate and get the best deal for you. We are seasoned real estate professionals who has experience negotiating with building owners. You can rely on us for the best deal!
(3) We will negotiate on behalf of you for your interest. You will be able to get the best economic term of the deal including the requested moving date. Interior design and moving company may be referred upon request.

Terms and Condition of the rental properties

Q. Why is there difference in rental rates by buildings?
A. Rental rates may differ depending on the location, age of the building, what kind of street the building is facing and facility of the building etc. There are so many factors that makes the difference.
 Distance from the train/subway station also makes the difference.

Anti-earthquake Measures

Q. I am anxious whether the building can stand the big earthquake.
 What kind of building would stand under big earthquake.
A. New Seismic Code building is said to stand under big earthquake.
 After the change of building code in 1981, seismic code became more strict, therefore, buildings built after 1981should be stronger. Some buildings built before 1981 has been seismic reinforced so you need to evaluate details.

Reviewing Lease Agreements before signing

Q. I want to review the lease agreement before signing. Can I obtain the lease agreement prior to signing the lease?
A. We can provide you with a sample lease agreement. It is essential to review and understand the content of the agreement before signing. Please feel free to ask us for sample of lease agreement.

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